The last European Network Development Conference was held in Berlin on December 11th, 2013. on the topic "Development and the financial sector". This event was jointly organised by the German (BMZ) and the French agencies (AFD) and EUDN.

The financial sector plays a key role in the development process, by managing payments, collecting savings and allocating credit throughout the economy.

Yet, numerous experiences have also shown it could also be responsible for the fragility of the economy and for major crises. The recent financial crisis in mature economies exemplified the vulnerability of the real economy to financial disorders. The 2013 EUDN annual conference on development focused on the delicate balance to be stricken in the development of the financial sector in the process of economic development. What can be learned  from past development experiences and crises about how to manage the financial sector to optimize economic and social development?

Stephany Griffith-Jones gave the keynote on the issue of “Financial Liberalization: a good or bad?”. Other confirmed speakers included former IMF director Michel Camdessus on the regulation of the banking sectors, Ugo Panizza on the question whether financial development causes growth, and Leonce Ndikumana on capital flights and tax heavens. The conference ended with a panel where policy practitioners discussed the role of international financial institutions in regulating international finance.


The programme, speakers's biographies and each of the publications (under the name of the author) can be found here below


speaker's biographies

Session 1 :  “Financial liberalization: a good or bad?”
Keynote : ►Stephany Griffith-Jones (Columbia University)
Chair : Joachim von Braun (ZEF)

Session 2 : “The regulation of the banking sector in developing and emerging countries”
Speaker :  ►Michel Camdessus (Banque de France, former managing director of the IMF)
Chair : Ghada Waly (Social Fund for Development)
Discussants :  ►Dongsoo Kang (Korea Development Institute) ►Luc Laeven (Tilburg University)

Session 3 : “Does financial development cause growth?”
Speaker:  ►Ugo Panizza (IHEID, Geneva)
Chair: Eva Terberger (KfW)
Discussants :  ►Thorsten Beck (Tilburg University)Jean-Louis Arcand (IHEID, Geneva)

Session 4 : “Capital flights and tax heavens”
Speaker :  ►Leonce Ndikumana (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Chair : Abdoulaye Bio Tchane (president of Alinadou Consulting International)
Discussants :  ►Ben Dickinson (OECD) ►Mark Herkenrath (Alliance Sud)